About Us


The Glenview Garden Club was founded in the late 20’s by eight women who lived in or near Glenview, Kentucky. In 1932, with 25 members, the Glenview Garden Club became a member of The Garden Club of America. By 1972, the club had 45 active and 10 affiliate members. Articles of incorporation were filed in 1980, and signed on August 14th of that year.

Today we have 61 active and 17 affiliate members. We have a poet, a nationally recognized conservationist, several authors and artists, and experts on horticulture, conservation, and flower arranging. Our members serve on boards throughout this community as well as nationally. Over the years, we have had among our members seven GCA National Board members, seven Zone Chairmen, and one GCA Zone VII Director.

Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA national Parks Conservation Scholarships

The Sara Shallenberger Brown GCA National Parks Conservation Scholarships, established in 2010, are a tribute to Sara “Sally” Shallenberger Brown (1911-2011), a member of the Glenview Garden Club since 1939.  Mrs. Brown gave many years of active and influential service to environmental issues and conservation organizations on a local, national, and global level. Created to showcase her dedication to the environment and ensure that her legacy will continue in perpetuity, the scholarships both commemorate Sally’s 100th birthday and honor the centennial of the National Park Service. 

 The Brown scholarship was established in partnership with the Student Conservation Association. The award for three annual scholars was been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Brown Family, Sally’s friends, locally and nationally, the Glenview Garden Club and our many friends in The Garden Club of America.

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The Egg Lawn



To celebrate the Centennial of the Garden Club of America in 2013, the Glenview Garden Club gave $75,000 to 21st Century Parks to partially fund the trees that surround the signature “Egg Lawn.” The 22-acre Egg Lawn grows near Creekside Center in Beckley Creek Park, part of the Parklands at Floyds Fork. This egg-shaped event lawn is perfect for flying kites, playing ultimate Frisbee or kicking a soccer ball.  The irrigated lawn is surrounded by the Egg Lawn Signature Loop, a 0.7 mile paved, tree and light post lined walking path where users can catch a glimpse of all the activity.

Trees planted include: White and Red Oaks, American Beeches, Red Maples, Ohio Buckeyes, and Blackgums.