About Us

The Glenview Garden Club was founded in the late 20’s by eight women who lived in or near Glenview, Kentucky. In 1932, with 25 members, the Glenview Garden Club became a member of The Garden Club of America. By 1972, the club had 45 active and 10 affiliate members. Articles of incorporation were filed in 1980, and signed on August 14th of that year.

Today we have 61 active and 17 affiliate members. We have a poet, a nationally recognized conservationist, several authors and artists, and experts on horticulture, conservation, and flower arranging. Our members serve on boards throughout this community as well as nationally. Over the years, we have had among our members seven GCA National Board members, seven Zone Chairmen, and one GCA Zone VII Director.

Since 1995 we have hosted 12 garden tours and one symposium for our community. More than 40 of our members have allowed the public to tour their gardens.  Since 1938, this club has given more than $292,000 to the community. Funds raised from our garden tours have been allocated to many community projects, including the restoration of the walled garden at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, construction of a cypress tupelo swamp at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, restoration of the Baringer Spring area in Cherokee Park, funding the Seed-to-Table project at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, and construction of two tree rooms for the Louisville Waterfront Development Corporation.

In recognition of our 75th anniversary, the club gave $50,000 to the “Children in the Dell” Project at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. This project also received a $7,500 Founders’ Fund Award from The Garden Club of America. Most recently our members voted to contribute $75,000 to 21st Century Parks over the next five years. The Glenview Garden Club and its members are proud supporters of the Louisville community.